Supply and installation of fire networks 2024

Supply and installation of fire networks in Egypt

Because Al-Wataniya Company is one of the best companies specialized in supplying and installing fire networks in Egypt, with it you can be reassured about your home and your family from the danger that they may be exposed to due to fires; Because firefighting networks are the ideal solution to put out fires quickly and automatically.

The storage location for these networks is determined in a designated room by specialists with great experience. Fire extinguishing materials vary, including: Use of water – As soon as the sensors detect smoke or fire, the filters installed in the rooms start automatically and quickly. There are also other options such as foam type systems that cover the burning surfaces with a large layer of foam.

Fire protection methods

The process of fighting fire is not limited to extinguishing the fire when it ignites, but preventing the fire from occurring from the beginning. This is done by installing modern fire equipment in all rooms of the building to prevent the fire when it breaks out from the beginning, and thus controlling it.

Individuals must also be trained on ways to deal with fire and on extinguishing tools such as carbon oxide cylinders. A simple action by any person may prevent many accidents. They must be trained on ways to protect themselves from fire. Fire extinguishers must also be placed in places that are easily accessible.

Causes of fire outbreaks, and how to take precautions against them:

  • Store flammable materials in an unsafe manner, as a short circuit may occur.
  • Leaving self-combustible materials in hot areas.
  • Sleeping with the heater on or throwing a lit cigarette on flammable materials.

Installation of fire networks

Al-Wataniya Company has the best fire extinguishing networks in Egypt in order to reduce the risks of the fire spreading in the place and the speed of extinguishing it. Fires are among the most dangerous things that ever surround people, and caution must be taken when dealing with them.

Steps to be followed when a fire occurs in a building

  • Issuing sirens to warn people in the building of the need to leave due to the presence of a fire, and to contact the fire department.
  • Determine a safe evacuation path that the fire will not reach in any way.
  • Stay away from the fire in any way so that it does not spread further.
  • Choose a suitable type of fire extinguisher to put out fires.
  • If the fire extinguisher is empty, you must evacuate the place, and be sure to stand in a safe place.

Steps for using fire extinguishers

When a fire breaks out, consistent steps must be followed to extinguish the fire, control it, and prevent its spread using fire extinguishers. Follow with us to learn about these steps.

  • Pull the pin at the top of the fire extinguisher until the lock is broken, and make sure it works by testing it to see how far the current can spread.
  • You must stand in a safe place, a distance away from the fire, and aim the extinguisher mouth toward the base of the fire.

Supply of fire networks

  • Press the handles until the contents of the fire extinguisher are extracted.
  • Remove the extinguisher nozzle from one side to the other as soon as you approach the fire, knowing that it is necessary to aim it specifically towards the base of the fire.

Al Watania Company is one of the best and largest companies for installing and supplying fire networks in Egypt. You can rely on it in this field, and its prices are affordable for everyone, so do not hesitate to deal with it.