The largest fire alarm companies in Egypt 2024

Fires cause many losses, not only in property, but also in lives. Therefore, fire alarm companies in Egypt provide innovative systems to detect fires as soon as they occur, so that they can be dealt with quickly before they spread in the place. The alarm works to issue audio warning signals to alert people in the place to take the necessary measures.

What are fire alarms made of?

Fire alarms consist of three basic components. We will now take you on a quick tour of each component:

  • Sensor

It is the basic component in fire alarm devices. Because it receives indicators of a fire, such as smoke and temperatures higher than normal, there are several types of sensors, namely:

    1. Smoke sensor: The smoke sensor relies on sending a beam of light, and when a fire occurs, smoke rises and cuts off the rays; Therefore, the device activates the alarm.
    2. Temperature sensor: The temperature sensor relies on a thermal trap, and the temperature sensor device works as soon as the room temperature rises to a certain temperature. This type is widely used in kitchens, garages, and places where fumes are constantly escalating, so that it is not possible to use a smoke sensor system.
      There are two distinct types of temperature sensors: one type starts working as soon as the temperature rises to 60 degrees Celsius, and it is the most widely used type in public places. The other type works as soon as the temperature rises above 90 degrees Celsius. This type is used in generator rooms because it is a normal temperature. The temperature there rises above 60 degrees Celsius.
    3. Dual sensor: The dual sensor contains a smoke sensor and a temperature sensor. Therefore, it gives excellent effectiveness, and is used as an alternative to a temperature sensor because it is not suitable for places where fumes normally rise, such as kitchens and car garages.

Fire alarm

  1. The radiation sensor: It is preferable to use it in high places that are more than 5 meters high. The radiation sensor consists of a receiver and a reflective mirror. As soon as a fire occurs in the place, the path between the receiver and the reflector is cut off, and the fire alarms work.
  • Control Panel

It is a screen that displays all the options and information about the fire and the location where the fire occurred. Therefore, the control panel is considered one of the most important devices in fire alarm systems. The control panel consists of three important parts:

  1. Screen: All information and data related to the fire are displayed.
  2. Electrical panel: contains electronic devices.
  3. Battery: It supplies fire alarm systems with energy once the power goes out.
  • Alarm

It is the part responsible for alerting people in the building or place where the fire is located through warning sounds, and there are two types:

Fire alarm devices

The first type only produces sound.

The second type emits a sound and light like a camera flash.

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