The best fire fighting systems companies in Egypt 2024

The largest fire fighting systems companies

Al-Wataniya Company, as one of the best firefighting systems companies in the Egyptian market, provides the best systems for protecting property and people. The company has extensive experience in selecting and installing the correct system for each application in accordance with all international standards.

The company has implemented huge projects such as hospitals, malls, administrative buildings, large factories, and residential buildings. Which gives you confidence to deal with the National Company for Fire Fighting Systems, Occupational Safety and Health, and the company is distinguished from other companies working in the same field in terms of designs, supply, maintenance, installation, selection of system effectiveness, supervision…etc.

All of this is based on the international and local specifications requested by customers that suit their projects.

Al-Wataniya Company, the best firefighting systems company, has a special department for maintenance work, equipped at the highest level, and equipped with the latest equipment and capabilities necessary to maintain all types of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting devices. It has a specialized team of technicians and specialized engineers with high experience and competence who can be sent to any place in the country. Order status ; Which enables it to meet all maintenance needs.

What are fire fighting systems

Fire fighting systems are devices that emit a loud sound in a place if the place it is located is exposed to a fire, and then the matter is dealt with using fire extinguishing devices. Which helps protect the lives in the place and help them get out, and control the fire before it spreads in the place, thus preserving private property. Fire-fighting systems are a true revolution, as they must be present in any building to protect it in the event of any fire, God forbid.

The latest firefighting and fire-fighting equipment

Al-Watania Company, the largest fire-fighting systems company, can supply, install and maintain:

  • Fire extinguishers for cars with stock pressure.
  • Internal pressure cartridge fire extinguishers.
  • Manual fire extinguishers of all kinds: (dry powder extinguishers, foam extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers.).
  • Mobile fire extinguishers.
  • Fixed and automatic fire extinguishers.
  • Fixed fire extinguishing units.
  • Fire fighting trailers; Water, foam; And dry chemical powder.
  • Portable fire fighting pumps.
  • Personal safety equipment.
  • Fire resistant doors.
  • Fire-fighting launchers and cannons.

Wataniya Fire Systems Maintenance

The primary goal of firefighting systems within the best firefighting systems companies in Egypt is to respond quickly to fires, and to transform this response into audio and visual signals. For people in the company, home, or building in general to hear it; This is to speed up the extinguishing process and respond to the fact that there is a fire in its early stages. A person can sense a fire through his senses that God has blessed him with, such as hearing, smell, taste, and reason. We use these senses to extinguish a fire. A fire goes through three stages, which are:

The first stage: The fire begins to break out, and in most cases it has no odor and cannot be easily detected.

The second stage: The fire begins to appear through the spread of smoke in the place, which has an odor.

The third stage: The fire develops, reaches its maximum levels, and the temperature is high, and here the fire must be controlled quickly; Because its spread becomes very rapid.

The largest aerosol fire fighting systems companies

Al Wataniya Company, the largest aerosol fire fighting systems company, aims to save lives and property in the event of a fire inside the building. This is done by informing the people inside the building to quickly intervene when a fire occurs, and work to extinguish it from the beginning, or leave the building before the fire spreads and makes it difficult for them to leave the building. For this reason, there must be a system that notifies the presence of a fire. The various types of alarms were the ideal solution… Al-Wataniya Company provides all regular and unusual fire-fighting systems, as the company has implemented more than 500 projects regarding fire systems throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the company relies on different methods for the presentation and follow-up process until… The highest levels of benefit from these systems are reached, and it becomes the basis for integration and compatibility between all security and safety systems in the place, which is not limited only to the installation of network security surveillance cameras.

The cheapest aerosol fire fighting systems company

Al-Wataniya Company has the best entrance control systems, intrusion and theft alarm systems, and firefighting systems. All of these systems are linked through dedicated programs until a complete and integrated security system is reached, and it is managed through one system in order to preserve the building. The systems are distinguished by Automated fire fighting differs from manual systems in that it does not depend on any person to operate it. Which works to shorten the time period between the time the fire is discovered and the time the fire occurs. Which facilitates the process of controlling the fire.
Al-Watania Company works to use the latest fire-fighting devices, and it has a team of specialized workers and engineers with great experience in installing alarm devices in the best ways and using the latest equipment and devices because they are trained at the highest level in installing and maintaining alarm systems in Cairo and in all governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt… The goal is Al-Wataniya Company is to be a company specialized in the world of supplying, installing and maintaining technological products, and all services that work to control fires. The company uses in this the latest devices that work to secure the place appropriately, and provide devices suitable for all places, whether companies, factories or corporations; It must be one of the best and cheapest aerosol fire fighting systems companies in Egypt, despite the presence of many companies working in the same field.

Supplying fire fighting systems

Al Watania Company, the largest aerosol fire fighting systems company, designs automatic alarm systems. It is a traditional system and the addressed system, with the need to connect those parking lots and the fire alarm panel using an electrical circuit of wires. However, the addressed system must have a specific number and address for each detector that appears on the alarm panel… If you are looking for safety and want to protect your company, your home ; Contact Al-Wataniya Company to be completely safe.

As for prices, we advise you not to think about prices at all; Because Al-Wataniya Company’s prices are considered the cheapest ever despite the quality and efficiency of the products it provides, and the reason for this is the company’s keenness to help customers and enable them to live safely and preserve their lives by providing high-quality fire-fighting systems at reasonable prices that are not exaggerated to suit all segments of society. And let every client enjoy comfort and safety inside his home or in his company.

National the largest fire extinguishing systems company

Al-Watania Company enhances fire safety and security to protect the lives of people and property, by providing the best and latest effective solutions. As one of the largest and best fire extinguishing systems companies in Egypt, it offers a wide range of offers on a global level for the latest fire extinguishing systems, fire pumps, and control devices. , modern fire protection systems and the best innovative solutions for protection against electric shock, medical, safety, and training… Now let us take you on a quick tour of these systems, their importance, and their mechanism of operation.

What are fire extinguishing systems?

They are systems designed to extinguish fires in a facility or building in a rapid, automatic manner. There are several types of them; Which :

  • Fixed systems for automatic extinguishing with water. These systems have several types, including: spray, foam, and water sprinklers.
  • Fixed automatic extinguishing systems that operate on dry chemical powder.
  • Fixed automatic extinguishing systems that operate on carbon dioxide gas (CO2).
  • Fixed automatic extinguishing systems that operate on clean gases such as; Helium and nitrogen.

Dear reader, as you can see, there are many types of firefighting systems, but despite their diversity, they all agree in importance and purpose. All of these types help to quickly put out fires in buildings and facilities of all types, limit their spread in the place, and control them as soon as their presence is felt. ; Which greatly helps protect lives and property. Follow along with us to learn more details about each type of these systems, which are provided by the National Company, the best fire extinguishing systems company in Egypt.

Fire extinguishing systems using carbon dioxide (CO2)

We all know that carbon dioxide gas is a heavy gas that does not work and does not help in ignition. It is heavier than oxygen gas. It descends on the burning area quickly, covering it and isolating the oxygen from it. Carbon dioxide also has a high degree of coldness, which helps to lower the temperature and thus extinguishes the fire. Easily. These cylinders are distinguished by their red color, their large, wide mouth, and their pressure gauge filled with compressed carbon dioxide gas in its liquid state. Once used, it comes out of the cylinder in the form of gas as a result of the decrease in pressure. Therefore, firefighting systems using carbon dioxide are among the best types ever for extinguishing fires. For example, fires resulting from electrical contact cannot be extinguished with flammable liquid materials. Therefore, it is necessary to have these systems in buildings and facilities to protect lives and property, and it is better and safer to We deal with a reliable place, such as the National Company, one of the leading companies in providing fire fighting systems using carbon dioxide.

Fire extinguishing systems using water systems

Al Watania Company, the best fire extinguishing systems company in Egypt, provides water systems for fire protection, where water is transformed into spray with a pressure of 80 to 200 bar. These systems are characterized by a very high pressure, but in most cases they are more effective than gas or firefighting equipment. traditional fires; Thus, these systems greatly help protect people and property, as Al Watania is a leading company in the field of fire extinguishing systems throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The best firefighting systems companies in Egypt 2024

Al-Watania Company is one of the best firefighting systems companies in Egypt. The company produces and supplies the best fire protection systems and safety engineering systems throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt… Deal with Al-Watania to live in safety and do not hesitate too much.

The best fire fighting systems in Egypt

  • Fire fighting systems using wet chemical liquid

They are modern systems in which a wet chemical liquid, namely foam, is used to fight fires. It consists of small, clustered bubbles filled with air, formed from an aqueous solution. They have many advantages. The bubbles are characterized by their low density compared to other combustible or flammable liquids, and are also less dense than water. It is also characterized by its great ability to adhere to the surface of burning liquid fuel. Which separates the fuel from the air, prevents fuel vapors from rising into the surrounding air, and the bubbles also cool the fuel to a degree lower than its ignition temperature, so the fire is quickly extinguished and lives in the place are protected, as well as property is preserved, as fires consume everything. It is possible if it is not controlled quickly, so we must not underestimate the matter.

  • Fire pumps 2024 are water pumps with various specifications. They are used to pump water for fire-fighting systems such as pipes, sprinklers…etc. Each pumping system contains an electric motor that runs pumps, and is connected to a backup supply source for fire-fighting to give us the water needed for fire control. On fire, it also contains an auxiliary pump to maintain a constant level of pressure, and to replace the main fire-fighting pump in emergency situations.

The pumping system operates on a diesel engine, which is responsible for another group of pumps that supply about 100% of the water needed to fight the fire, in order to match the starting characteristics of the pumps based on the requirements of the network. The drivers (engines and transmissions) carry out the operation process with the capabilities required in the Egyptian airspace. These pumps are horizontal or vertical, centrifugal type.

Al Watania Company is considered the best firefighting systems company in Egypt, as it offers prices that suit all segments of society, and offers excellent offers and discounts constantly, making it the best in the field of installing fire extinguishing systems. Once you contact one of the company’s customer service representatives, he will respond to you and provide the appropriate offers. For all customers, and suitable devices for every place, knowing that Al-Wataniya Company has engineers with experience in maintaining fire equipment with great experience and excellent efficiency.

There are many firefighting systems companies in Egypt, and the reason for this is to achieve protection and safety for all buildings, large and small institutions, and there is no doubt that the hand of science aims to achieve well-being for humans, and we see this clearly through modern technologies that help humans in accomplishing everything related to It is done without great suffering, and the latest development of modern science is to protect humans from the dangers to which they may be exposed, most notably fires. Through firefighting systems, many of the large expenses that result from fires can be saved, and most important of all is reducing damage and losses. Which harm human elements and private or public property, so the presence of fire extinguishing systems in the place is necessary and cannot be dispensed with in any way.