The largest companies installing aerosol fire networks 2024

 Aerosol fire networks installation 2024

Al Watania Company is considered one of the best companies for installing aerosol fire networks in Egypt, and its prices suit everyone from the lowest economic class to the middle classes. The company has a distinguished precedent in this field, and the company also supplies in Cairo and all governorates of Egypt.

Aerosol Fire Networks 2024

The main goal of fire extinguishing systems is to reduce material losses and damages, and to quickly contain the fire. Traditional fire extinguishing systems can contain the fire in one building, one floor, or even in one room, but, in light of the modern technical development that we are experiencing now in this era. Fighting fire in one place is not enough. Public facilities and large buildings need larger, higher, and more efficient levels of fire prevention.

Aerosol fire networks

Also, a small fire, even if it is contained in a room with traditional fire extinguishing systems such as traditional sprinklers, can result in many problems, especially if the situation is critical. Most of these sprinklers only work when temperatures rise, that is, when they reach a certain level, and the flow of water stream While fighting a fire, it can cause damage to sensitive devices, even if the power is turned off. Water leakage in general causes many problems, and turning off the power suddenly affects equipment and devices, and the process of cleaning and drying the devices is not easy, as it is very tiring. Therefore, it is better to use the latest results of modern technology in this field, namely aerosol fire extinguishing systems, which extinguish the fire automatically, quickly and significantly, which prevents the spread of the fire in the place and quickly controls it. Which reduces the amount of material losses resulting from the fire. Therefore, installing aerosol fire networks is necessary and very important in all buildings, whether residential, government, or any private building, as it entails a large number of benefits and advantages.

How firefighting networks work

Fire-fighting networks work to protect people at risk and protect property in the place. These systems stop the operation of the electricity and gas pipelines and activate the firing of fire-fighting devices.

And remove the smoke present in the place, as the people in the place are threatened by fire and the products of combustion as well. Therefore, these networks must be available in homes and residential buildings, especially for safety and reassurance.

Especially after its prices have become somewhat cheap, that is, accessible to everyone. When you deal, for example, with the National Company, the largest company specialized in installing and supplying fire-fighting networks, you will get excellent discounts and reductions, unlike the rest of the other companies that work only to collect money. This is because the National Company was established. In order to help customers and protect them from the horrors of fires and the devastation and destruction they cause to property.

Therefore, it is necessary that you contact Al-Wataniya Company to ask it to install fire-fighting networks in your home in order to protect your family and your home from fire. We do not build our homes until we lose them in the fire… Make your decision and deal with Al-Wataniya Company, the largest aerosol fire network installation company, to be safe.

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems

Al-Watania Company is the largest aerosol fire extinguishing systems company in Egypt. It is distinguished and unique in everything it offers to its customers in the field of fire extinguishing, as fires are among the things that pose a great danger to human life.

Because it devours everything in front of it, and it cannot be controlled easily, so aerosol fire extinguishing systems came as a means to rescue people and help them control the situation in the event of a fire occurring in the building they are in, God forbid.

Because it works with a rapid, automatic system that extinguishes the fire while it is in its early stages before it spreads in the place and devours the things in it. Therefore, Al-Wataniya Company works in this field in order to help you and protect your lives and private property… Therefore, deal with Al-Wataniya Company to be safe.

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems are characterized by a large number of features: The most important of which is its low cost, because this system does not require a network of pipes, welding equipment, or many workers, but it only requires a gas generator that is fixed to the wall with a group of screws.

Its design is also very easy, as it is represented by one equation, which is the product of multiplying the gas density factor by the volume of space, taking into account some conditions during implementation, which are among the most important elements in choosing the appropriate generator. These conditions are:

  • The distance between the ground and the installation level.
  • The distance between the works to be protected and the gas generator.

How does aerosol work?

The condensed aerosol for extinguishing fires consists of fine salt kaline, which is composed of cohesive pieces, and carbon dioxide (CO2), which forms vapor from the gas, knowing that it constitutes about 60% of the weight of the aerosol produced.

The aerosol extinguishes the fire resulting from the flame chain reaction, and its intervention in extinguishing fires, knowing that the aerosol takes energy from the combustion area, and the reaction is considered the basis for the cohesive pieces of the aerosol, which are located in the surface layer; Therefore, regardless of the size of the pieces, even if they are very small, the reaction on the surface layer is very large, and the effectiveness of extinguishing the fire is very large.

Features of aerosol fire extinguishing systems

Aerosol fire extinguishing systems are characterized by the following:

  • Low cost compared to other fire systems.
  • Effective and positively influential to the highest degree.
  • Easy to spread and stabilize.
  • Not harmful to humans.
  • It does not cause corrosion of other metals, meaning it is not harmful to them.
  • Easy to clean using a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • Easy to wash with clean water.

We are all at risk for a fire to occur in our home, either because of one of the electrical equipment, for example, whose temperature is dangerously high, such as heaters and electric stoves that are close to curtains and wooden objects, or for example, a child playing with one of the toys and firecrackers in the apartment, or your wife lit a candle and your child placed a piece of paper or anything, and a fire occurred. .

Therefore, there must be fire-fighting systems in your home. Now you are able to make a rational decision to protect your home from fire. Fire-fighting systems greatly help in reducing the damage resulting from fires, and extinguishing them before they spread in the place. God forbid any harm be caused to any member of your family. …Do not be complacent, my dear, and deal with Al-Wataniya Company, the best aerosol fire extinguishing systems company in Egypt, so that you and your family can live in safety.