The largest fire pump companies in 2024

Fire pumps

Al Watania Company, as one of the largest fire pump companies in Egypt, supplies and installs various types of fire pumps (diesel, electric, juicy), and everything related to these pumps when they are installed based on the fire code. The company also installs the control panel for the pumps.

Fire pumps are water pumps with certain specifications. They are used to pump water into firefighting systems in the event of a fire in the building. These pumps work by feeding them with electricity, diesel, or steam. The suction line for the pump is usually connected to a fixed source, and the pump delivers a water stream. High pressure to stalagmites connected to water sprinklers and fire hoses, and fire pumps are examined by international agencies to ensure their working mechanism.

Fire pumps

Methods of operating fire pumps

Fire pumps work with energy received either by an electric motor or a diesel engine, and sometimes by a steam turbine. These pumps begin to work when the pressure in the automatic sprinkler system decreases. Fire sprinklers begin to work when one or more of them are exposed to heating above their design temperature. It allows water to pass through it, and opening water hose reels or other fire-fighting connections leads to a significant decrease in pressure in the fire-fighting piping network.

How do fire pumps work

In the event of a fire in the building, the following occurs:

  1. The auxiliary pump compensates for the loss of pressure in the network, and due to the significant decrease in pressure in the network and the increase in the amount of flow required, the electric pump stops working.
  2. The main electric pump provides the required flow and pressure in the network and stops as soon as the required levels are reached.
  3. If the electric pump fails to provide flow and pressure to the network or a power outage occurs, the diesel pump starts working and only stops manually.

Types of fire pumps

There are three basic types of fire pumps: Namely:

  1. Auxiliary pump

The auxiliary pump is small in size, gives a flow of up to 15% of the flow of the fire network, and gives high pressure. It is usually of the multi-stage centrifugal type, and its main purpose is to compensate for any loss in the network resulting from a leak.

  1. Electric pump

The electric pump is often an end-suction pump, or a separate horizontal pump, based on hydraulic calculations.

  1. Diesel pump

The main purpose of the diesel pump is to work during a power outage in the building with the same pressure and flow required in the network.

Conditions that must be met in fire pumps

Al-Wataniya Company, as the largest fire and water pump company in Egypt, is interested in providing everything that helps customers, whether advice or guidance to help them when purchasing fire pumps. Fire pumps must meet several conditions in order for them to be suitable for use and have reassurance on their part. The most important of these conditions are:

  • The pump must give a flow rate of 150% of the required flow rate, and this value gives a pressure value of no less than 65% of the designed pressure value.
  • Fire pumps must be of the split case or end suction type.
  • Each pump must have its own control panel.
  • Pumps must be approved and comply with all specifications.

To be safe, it is best to deal with Al-Wataniya Company, the best fire and water pump company in Egypt.